Equipment for Analysis and Characterization of Samples

Optical microscope

Evaluation of surface quality

Probe station

DC characterization of diodes

Surface profiler

Determination of growth and etching rates

Double crystal X-ray defractometer

Determination of lattice parameter, crystal quality, alloy composition and strain due to any lattice mismatch

Hall effect set-up at 77 K and 300 K

Determination of the net density of free carriers and their mobility

Capacitance-voltage profiler

Determination of the net density of charge and the doping depth profile

Conventional photoluminescence, absorption and photocurrent

Measurements between 4.2 K and 300 K for studying optical and optoelectronic properties

Spatially resolved photoluminescence

Micromapping with an excitation spot smaller than 2 µm

Fourier Spectrometer

Transmission and absorption spectroscopy between 1.3 µm e 200 µm

Near-field investigation

Characterization of optical waveguides