Undergraduate research projects

    Available topics:
  • Automatization of device characterization experiments
  • Instrumentation for monitoring gases
  • Instrumentation for detecting milk components
  • Electronic circuits for instrumentation
  • Optimization of photolithographic processes
  • Interdiffusion in ultrathin GaAs/AlAs quantum wells
  • Electrical characterization of diodes and photocurrent at low temperatures
  • Software development for calculations of optical and electronic properties of semiconductor structures

Graduate and pos-doctoral research projects

    Available topics:
  • Growth of self-assembled quantum dots
  • Heteroepitaxy
  • Development of devices based on quantum dots
  • Photodetectors for the mid-infrared region (2 - 20 µm)
  • Fabrication of nanowires
  • Multiple junction solar cells
  • Intermediate band solar cells based on quantum dots
  • Amplitude modulators for optical communication
  • Characterization of multi-layers diodes
  • Carbon doping in III-V semiconductors
  • Integrated devices
  • Optical properties of doping superlattices
  • Optimization of delta-doping for application in devices